Committee Members

Max Ammons

Whether advocating for public transit improvements or fine-tuning his latest project, Max is always looking for new ways to explore sustainable design and growth in the region. With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech, Max has since become a professional engineer at an architecture firm. He has an eye for energy-efficient design and understands the impact of solutions that make sense both financially and environmentally.

Max serves on the following committees: Grant, Bylaw, Security. 

Alex Appleby Ammons

Connecting others to accomplish goals together is what keeps Alex motivated. With degrees in Marketing, International Business, and Supply Chain from Appalachian State, the business development manager has completed multiple triathlons and 4 half-ironmans. She appreciates the spirit of teamwork and volunteering in both her personal and professional pursuits.

Alex serves on the Grant Committee. 

Christopher Rumbley

An appreciation for landscape’s role in shaping our lives and cultures guides Chris’s sustainable development work. With a degree in Psychology from UNC-Chapel Hill and Master’s work at N.C. State in Landscape Architecture focused on Ecological Design, Chris is an advocate for local food systems, good land stewardship, and projects that engage people in the outdoors.

Chris serves on the following committees: Grant, Bylaw, Security.