Parks & Art: Local Family Foundation Donates $405,000 

The Jandy Ammons Foundation’s 9 recent grants support the outdoors, art, and missions 

Raleigh, NC – February 2024 – Communities across North Carolina will improve park settings and expand conservation work, install impactful public art, and support their most vulnerable thanks to funding from The Jandy Ammons Foundation (TJAF). The local family foundation is giving $404,053 to 9 nonprofits statewide, from the western-most town to the coast; the groups have plans for educational signage, large-scale art, habitat restoration, a new women’s shelter, a cultural gathering place, and more. This is the foundation’s eleventh year of giving and its total grant dollars now amount to $3.1million. 

“We’re especially excited about the range of our giving this year,” says Jan Ammons, TJAF co-founder and president. “The 9 grant recipients are as far west as Murphy and as far east as Newport, with a big range of project scopes too. We’re proud of the statewide positive impact our small local foundation can have.” 

Jan is a lifelong community volunteer who spent years working on behalf of the public school system, public parks and trails efforts, and church missions. She and her husband, Andy Ammons, created The Jandy Ammons Foundation to support the kinds of initiatives they’ve given time to as community volunteers, parents, and church members — tangible, lasting projects that blend learning with the environment, the arts, and faith-based perspectives. 

This year’s grants will fund: 

  • Dix Park Conservancy (Raleigh), visitor center display 
  • NC Botanical Garden Foundation (Chapel Hill), gathering circle in the American Indian Cultural Garden 
  • NC Coastal Federation (Carteret County), education signs at dozens of conservation sites 
  • NC Zoo (Asheboro), art installation in the new Asia Exhibit Complex 
  • NC State Engineering Foundation (Raleigh), continued support of Fitts-Woolard Hall 
  • NC Wildlife Federation (Raleigh), continued habitat restoration throughout the Triangle 
  • Raleigh Rescue Mission (Raleigh), Project Hope, a new facility for situationally homeless women and children 
  • Triangle Land Conservancy (Raleigh), continued support of the Agriculture Pavilion at Bailey and Sarah Williamson Preserve 
  • Valley River Arts Guild (Cherokee County), community art center expansion 

“We hope our grants support a better community for everyone,” says Andy. “Our goal is to help groups move from the planning phase into implementation. We’re excited to see these ideas come to life.” 

The Jandy Ammons Foundation issues grants annually and Letters of Inquiry for 2025 funds are being accepted through March 8, 2024. 

For more information on the grant proposal process, please visit 


About The Jandy Ammons Foundation 

Founded in November 2012, The Jandy Ammons Foundation (TJAF) is a 501(c)(3) grant-making family foundation formed by Heritage Wake Forest developer Andy Ammons and his family. The organization’s mission is to support project-driven endeavors that will enhance wildlife habitats, park settings, educational surroundings, artistic installations, or Christian church mission projects. This is achieved by partnering with nonprofit organizations where a significant volunteer base can be demonstrated to fund specific project-driven initiatives within the scope of the mission. TJAF is a true family foundation: Jan Ammons, Andy Ammons, and their son Drew Ammons make up the Board of Directors; the Ammons’ son, Max Ammons, son-in-law, Chris Rumbley, and daughters-in-law, Alex Ammons and Cassie Ammons, serve on committees within. Daughter Jessie Ammons Rumbley is the executive director.