Board of Directors

Jan Ammons

Jan has years of leadership roles in local volunteer organizations under her belt, so she identifies with projects that have significant volunteer input. While volunteering in the public school system, in the church and in various civic endeavors, she’s witnessed the impact of inventive solutions that blend learning with the arts, the environment and the mission field. With degrees in Business Management and Economics from N.C. State, Jan believes in bringing a community together by rewarding creative initiatives that produce a lasting project.

Andy Ammons

Andy is a visionary leader with outstanding problem solving strategies informed by a degree in Civil Engineering from N.C. State and professional licenses in engineering, real estate and construction. He loves hunting and the outdoors, interests that led to an appreciation for the conservation of wildlife habitats. Among other involvements, Andy spent years coaching youth sports teams; that time continues to positively impact his view of teamwork, planning and the spirit of competition.

Jessie Ammons Rumbley

Jessie inherited her parents’ appreciation of local community and belief in harnessing people’s strengths to create the best outcome possible. With degrees in Communication, Journalism and Entrepreneurship, the writer and editor loves “celebratory storytelling” and is passionate about the powerful role communication can have in many realms.